West Coast Ports Open – High Rollers finally on the way!

A 9 month union dispute between longshoremen and the ports has finally ended, and the next shipment of High Rollers is finally on it’s way.  Everyone ready for the next Container Unloading Party?!

Ships in Long Beach

As you can see in this photo, container ships were anchored off the coast of California for weeks.  What is normally a 4 week delivery from our factory to our door has taken almost 2 MONTHS.  First the union workers instituted a “general work slowdown.” So ships couldn’t unload as fast, and had to wait in the harbor.  Well then that meant that the ships couldn’t get back to Taiwan and there were no containers for us to even load into.  We were able to take over a cancellation and get our container onto the ship, but then it sat off the coast of Long Beach.  The ports decided they weren’t going to pay for substandard work so just shut everything down for a long weekend.  We just got word that it unloaded off the ship, but that it’s held up on the dock because there aren’t enough trucks to move all the cargo.  In the next couple days is should be on a rail car cruising through Salt Lake City on it’s way to Denver.  Then it finally gets on a truck to come to our warehouse outside of Boulder. Whew!  Stay tuned for when it hits town.

Truck Loading Party

All in all, I think we’re pretty lucky.  We’ve got just enough inventory to hold us, and these next 400 will arrive just in time for spring! Then we can unleash the High Rollers all over the country!