Update #13: High Rollers Begin Shipping!

Hi Kids,

This will be brief, without the bunch of photos I’m usually fond of:

The High Rollers have begun shipping!

High Roller Mark 1

Here’s how it happened:

Our Seat supplier had an issue with uncured adhesive glue leaking out onto the seat. I found this out the day after I placed the order for 300 seats. Their remedy was to clean each of the seats and get it up to spec, then ship out in October. Evidently this didn’t go so well, and they had to order a new manufacturing run of seats. We finally got a partial shipment of 49/300 on Monday with the remainder coming “soon”.

Despite being “ready to go at any moment” yet 3 months behind schedule, our Rear Wheel molder in Ohio was totally surprised when I placed the order and required delivery before Thanksgiving. This was after he had misquoted the order, failed to read the part drawing, made the molds wrong, and used the wrong material. Fixing all that, he finally rushed out 30 pairs of wheels and then informed me last week that he’d taken a position at another company and was shutting his business down. [Note to politicians: this is why we send work to Taiwan instead of Ohio.]

“That’s bad. No, wait, that’s good!”¬†Immediately we were able to replace the molder with a quality factory here in Denver. We’ve rushed the molds to Littleton Plastics who will receive them on Monday and be making sample parts by Wednesday, and production parts by Friday. I’ll be there on site to watch the whole process and work with them to ensure it’s done right. It will be four times the cost, but it will be done right and fast.

The warehouse has ordered extra boxes and is staged to ship as soon as parts hit the floor. My “do or die” is to have all the High Rollers to our customers by Christmas. I remember that Christmas morning in 1974 vividly, and I think everyone should have that same experience!

I’m writing to you from the road as my sis (yup that’s here in the Strawberry Shortcake dress in the pic above) and I have road tripped to Memphis for the 2nd annual Beale Street Big Wheel Relay races featuring the High Rollers this Saturday. Along the way two of the High Rollers have been hand delivered to customers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Ryan, a Kickstarter backer, has been waiting about 5 years since he first contacted us about making an adult size big wheel!

To Ryan and all our backers, your day has finally come.


p.s. If you didn’t see it, the Wall Street Journal just featured the High Roller trikes in a great front page article. They also have a really fun video they put together while they were out here in Denver.