There’s still time to get the High Roller for Christmas!

High Roller Christmas
Due to the massive demand for the High Roller, we’ve Air Freighted in 3 pallets of them just in time for Christmas!  You can still order them at the High Roller USA website. Please hurry, as of right now there’s only 10 left to Expedite!

This could be you on Christmas!


As you may recall, a couple months ago the website went viral and we sold out of 2 months of inventory in 1 week.  We immediately placed a rush order for 600 more and we’ve been working around the clock to get them done in time for Christmas.  At the 11th hour we were able to arrange these 3 pallets to come in time.  The remaining 560 High Rollers will come by standard ocean freight and will arrive around January 13th.