The Migos, High Roller USA, Mountain Dew – Let’s Do This!

Oh man!  Last week we got word that the new Mountain Dew “Let’s Do” commercial was released, and it is awesome!  The massive hip hop trio Migos produced the music and is featured riding their custom gold High Rollers.

It started last month a I got a call from a production studio in LA looking for High Rollers to rent for a music video.  We worked out the logistics and then they asked, “Would it be ok if we wrapped them in gold?”  Uh, heck yes!


Then, just before I hung up I asked, “What band is this for?”  They told me the Meego’s or Amigos, or something.  I’d never heard of them (hey cut me some slack, I’m a middle age white guy).  I looked up “amigos band” and got photos of four white guys in a pop band from Sweden, and thought, “Well that doesn’t make sense, but ok.”

Then I got the call that the video was released.  Oh, you mean The Migos, the biggest hip hop artists in the United States?


This weekend the Migos will be part of the Super Bowl entertainment which will guaranty to impress.  So let’s get ready to ride.  And get ready for the High Roller Mark 2.0 to be released in a few months!

High Roller Mark 2.0 Adult Size Big Wheel Trike

“Put your phone down and do it!”