When you have a fun product, the beautiful people will use it if you put it in front of them.

In short: The party people love to party.

Alec BergerCalifornia
Custom graphics on seat, wheel cover, and wheels

Matt…you, sir…rock. OMG, my custom ride looks amazeballz!

Alton DuderstadtPresident/Chief SearchologistSearchology.biz

WOW! Just WOW! What an AWESOME Big Wheel! I’ve waited many, many, months to get my hands on this “blast from the past”, childhood favorite of mine! It was well worth the wait! Assembling the bike was easy, with instructions and tools included! Best part…riding around the neighborhood and doing ‘burn-outs’! THANKS to you Matt for developing and delivering an AWESOME ride!


If you’re not having the best day, come ride one of these for 2 minutes and your whole perspective will change!

Chris JanowiczDirectorHelping Hand Home for ChildrenAustin, TX

I love my high roller. I just received a brand new set of back wheels. Everyone is jealous of me and I get a lot of looks to. Thank you for making me feel like a six year old again I love it! You’re the best!


Merry Christmas,
I thought we would send you a video we made of all our staff having fun on the High Roller. Productivity at the store has dropped dramatically since these came in.


RobOwnerSilent SportsOntario, Canada

As far as I’m concerned, this was the best thing at the X Games. You guys rocked it!

Christine TerrellAdaptive Reuser

My husband LOVES his new Adult Size Big Wheel he got for our Wedding Anniversary. Thank You for a making our Anniversary one we will never forget!

KC Hodges

Just received the High Roller I ordered for my son’s 32nd birthday. I must tell you the look on his face was worth every cent I paid for the bike. He LOVES it! Ordering sight unseen, I didn’t know what to expect as far quality but this is WELL made and looks awesome. My daughter posted it on Facebook and has already had several requests on how to order one. Thank you so much  for the coolest gift I could have ever given my man-child.

VickieSan Antonio, TX

Oh man! The bikes were such a HUGE hit. They were literally ridden non-stop for all three days of the event. As soon as someone stopped, the next person would jump on.


SarahSenior Manager, Special EventsNational Multiple Sclerosis SocietySeattle, WA

Good luck on RAGBRAI Matt. Wish I was there to ride with you. Thanks for all your hard work in getting the High Roller to market. Can’t wait to take my first spin here in Munich.

RyanMunich, Germany

Mr. Armbruster, I admire you! You are a model American dreamer. Thanks for your sacrifices and determination to see this through. If merely 4% of the collective joy that you have brought others comes back to shine on you, you’ll be on cloud 9 the rest of your days! I’m seeing it myself as one of the great joys of owning this is sharing it with my fellow older friends. Their reaction thrills me. Thank YOU!


Great job on the high roller. The big wheel was my favorite toy and the one I miss the most, thanks so much for bringing it back. You guys rock!


OMG! You have made my dream come true…an adult big wheel!


First off, I would like to say that this is the coolest most amazing product I have seen in a long time! I was browsing some blogs and kept hearing people talk about the High Roller Big Wheel and finally found your website!