How do I inflate the front tire with air?

Getting an air pump head onto the front tire can be a little tricky sometimes (we’re changing that on V2.0!).  Some bicycle pump heads don’t fit well in the front wheel disc’s access port.  Smaller pump heads usually work better.  Here’s some things you can do to inflate the front wheel.

  1. Use a small pump head.  Optimum pressure is 60 PSI.  Be aware that air compressors (like at gas stations) can generate a LOT more pressure than a hand pump and could blow the tire off the rim.
  2. Pinch the tire to squeeze the valve stem up.  This will help hold it in place when putting the pump on.
  3. Optionally, snip the plastic to give you more room.  Regular scissors will do the trick.

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TSB 10207 - Fork Clamp Bolts are Snapping

Hi Folks,

When installing the Front Wheel, the Assembly Manual tells you that 1-2 bolt threads should be showing from the end of the nut when tight.





Problem:  The bolts for the fork clamp may snap during installation.

Cause:  After the assembly manual was printed, there were changes in the manufacturing process including much thicker powder coat paint, and the addition of a washer.

Remedy: Only tighten until the threads are flush with the end of the nut.

Affected:  High Roller Mark 2.0



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TSB 10048 - Rear Wheel Bearings

It has come to our attention that sometimes during rough handling in shipping, it is possible for the Rear Wheel bearings to get knocked out.  It is simple to fix, but important to get the parts in correctly.

MAKE SURE the Spacer Tube gets put into the wheel before the bearing is pressed in.

If it’s too hard to press in by hand, it will all fit together once you tighten the Bolt up.

As always, let us know if you have any questions at all.



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My brakes don't work!

Sometimes, the handlebars can get spun all the way around wrapping the brake cable around the frame. It then pulls the cable super tight and pops it out of the brake arm.

This is a really simple fix:

With a pair of pliers, squeeze the “keeper” bracket on the brake arm back to square.

Then you can slip the cable through and install the “noodle” into the keeper.  Just the flanged nipple fits in the keeper.


flanged nipple in keeper

It should end up looking like this (with the rubber boot over the end of the nipple):

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How long do the Rear Wheels last?

While we designed the rear wheels for 150 miles minimum of shear abuse, we’ve actually got customers that are getting over 400 miles out of them!  So don’t you worry, they’ll carry you a long way!

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Can you ship to my town / state / country?

We probably can!  We ship all over the US and internationally.  Once you add items to your cart, you can get a shipping estimate right from the cart page.  If your location doesn’t come  up, drop us a line and we’ll figure something out for you.

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Can it fit me? I'm really tall/short.

Yes! The seat is fully adjustable and can accommodate riders from 5’2″ to 6’9″ and up to 300 lbs. Two quick release levers under the seat allow it to move forward and back on the frame.

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How long does it take once I place my order?

We have High Rollers in stock and can usually ship next day! Ground shipping is 2-4 days to most of the US. International shipping takes about 2 weeks. You can see the estimated delivery time for your location here.

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