New Warehouse Means Amazing International Shipping Rates!

Hi Folks! We’re excited to announce that we just moved all of our inventory over to Epic Fulfillment. They provide affordable warehouse storage, and a turnkey ordering system that frees us up for even more fun things! For you, this means much faster shipping. Basically y0u place your  order on our website, the orders are automatically uploaded to Epic’s system, the computer spits out a shipping label, they slap it on the box and the FedEx guy brings it to your house! Slick as a whistle! Whatever that means! All we know is that as soon as you press the button, you’ll get a tracking number in about 24 hours!

It also means we now can get killer rates for international shipping. We’re now able to offer 40% or more off of regular FedEx rates to Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, and Africa.  We currently have High Rollers in Australia, Germany, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, and Ireland, and have inquiries from Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand, Italy, England, Argentina, Colombia, and Indonesia!

What’s the most remote location you’ve ever seen a High Roller? Let us know!

Here’s one of mine: the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado, 14110 feet above sea level.