High Roller Adult Size big wheel trikes featured on the NBC Today Show!

So what do 3 news anchors look like on national TV when they’re riding High Roller Adult Size big wheels?

On Saturday, the High Roller trikes were raced by the Today Show anchors around Rockefeller Plaza with Matt Armbruster. Erica Hill, Thomas Roberts, and Craig Melvin donned their Nutcase Helmets and ripped around the plaza!

I had gotten off the overnight train at Penn Station at 2:30 AM, slept for 2 hours in the hotel, then walked across to the Rockefeller Plaza at 5:30 AM. The High Rollers were already there built up by Mike and the Today Show crew. All I had to do was a preflight inspection and get into my racing suit. Once I did that, it was 2 hours of waiting culminating in 2 minutes of frenzied racing.

The hosts couldn’t have been friendlier or easier to work with. Each of them came up and tested the High Rollers before the segment, and each asked quietly, “So what do I need to do to win?” When it finally came down to it, everybody was just in it for the kicks.

Once the cameras stopped rolling, they all looked at each other and took off again! They had to run across the plaza to the next place the cameras were set up not to be late.

Then came the inglorious end to a fun day and we packed the High Rollers back up for FedEx. Suddenly I realized I’d had a full day of work and it was only 10:30 AM. I thought I’d go back to the hotel and sleep for a few, but then the phone calls, emails, and orders starting pouring in. I spent the next 4 hours in the hotel room trying to catch up. I managed to wolf down a tuna sandwich on the street right before the car picked me up to take me back to the airport.

I can’t say I saw much of New York City on this trip, but I got to see it from the INSIDE of the fence at the Today Show! Incredible!