High Roller Adult Size big wheel trikes arriving soon!

Hi Kids, after we sold out of 300 High Rollers last year, we’ve got 600 more on the way!

The ocean freight is due to arrive on or about the 21st and we’ll be set to turn those around immediately.

We took a few extra days in Taiwan to make sure all the brakes were adjusted to my spec.
Brake Adjustment

Then they were loaded into the shipping container on December 25th.
High Roller shipping container

The freighter set sail on January 1.
Ocean Freight

It is expected to get to Long Beach on January 14th, and then once it clears customs it should get to us on January 21.

The seats are already here, and the rear wheels are being molded as we speak.
Rear Wheel Molding

We’ll then be staged to send the complete sets out within 1-2 days of receiving them with tracking info.

High Roller Trikes staged for shipping High Rollers on the FedEx truck

Thanks for your patience, and above all, thanks for your support!


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