High Roller funding was successful! Now the work begins…

Hi Folks,

Sorry it’s been a little quiet here on the updates. Since the moment we received word that we’d successfully met our funding goal (THANK YOU!), we’ve launched into production and have been jamming on getting everything ready for the build phase. If you know folks who would still like to pre-order the High Roller, they still can at the main web store:  http://www.HighRollerUSA.com/store

Some things we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Final design improvements have been incorporated and we’re getting our final 3D models and CAD drawings reviewed.
  • We’ve met with a business attorney who’s verified that we’ve already set up the company the right way (whew!)
  • We’ve gotten product liability insurance quotes (you wouldn’t believe what this takes)
  • We’re getting quotes on the overseas freight, customs duties, and domestic freight.
  • We’ve applied for and received a patent pending on the design of the High Roller.
  • Trademarks are in process.
  • Quotes are coming in from manufacturers.

That’s the good news. The not so good news is that the original delivery quotes that we were given when we began the Kickstarter project were exceedingly optimistic. The quotes we’re getting now are more firmly grounded in reality and are a bit longer than we were first led to believe. Delivery estimates are coming in at around 12-16 weeks. We’re moving forward as fast as we can right now, and hope to be able to shave some of the time off by optimizing the manufacturing. Of course, we’ll keep you posted.